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Bryan's mission and vision

Bryan has been a team player his whole life. He is running for Congress because he wants to join President Biden’s team.
He will support the President’s agenda on healthcare, economy and social justice.


Bryan learned early on that 75% of communication is listening,
and he intends on holding townhall meeting throughout the district so everyone’s voice is heard. 

A Family Player in His Family

Growing up in a family of 10, Bryan learned a lot about teamwork.  These values carried over in school, sports, public service, private sector and within his own beautiful family

A Team Player on the Field

A standout football player and “Man of the Year” at St. Ed’s.  Bryan went on to be a three year starter, and help the Notre Dame Fighting Irish win the National Championship in 1988.

A Team Player for you

A Lakewood City Councilman and State Representative before moving to the private sector as an executive and helping to raise his family. Bryan is ready to return to serving the public.

Your Support Helps Bryan Support President Biden

Bryan Flannery is running for Congress to join Biden’s Team. Bryan
supports the President’s plan for economic and social justice and healthcare that works for all.


7/7 Early Voting starts
8/3 Primary Election

Meet Bryan

The Positive Choice for Congress

I was raised in a strong Democratic household. My grandfather was an RTA Board member who worked with Mayor Carl Stokes. Among my mentors was Arnold Pinkney.

I’ve always been a TEAM PLAYER– from growing up in a family of ten to playing high school and college football to being a member of city council and a state representative, and now, in my own family.

After 19 years in the private sector working to secure health benefits for employees represented by labor unions, I decided it was time to return to being a public servant

I am running for Congress to join the Biden team. I am not running to join ‘The Squad.’ I will support the Biden agenda for economic and social justice and healthcare that works for all Americans. During the campaign, I will detail my positions on issues important to our community.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

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Bryan Flannery is the Team Player congress needs to serve the people of the 11th District
and to join President Biden’s Team and help heal our country.

Bryan Flannery is running for Congress, join his team and win together.

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7/7 Early Voting starts
8/3 Primary Election